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It is almost two weeks since we arrived here in Katima Mulilo. Riki was extremely tired but we thought that it was more the heat than anything else. Little did we realize that the “˜bee sting’ she got on her leg about two days before, was actually a nasty spider bite. Her leg got swollen, red and very painful. We went to the doctor who confirmed that this was a spider bite. Riki must keep her leg still and elevated as much as possible. She was probably bitten by a Violin spider, which has cytotoxic or tissue destroying venom. It is the same type of venom as that of a puff adder. We are counting our blessings that it is only a spider bite. Violin spiders are common residents in many homes, even in cities. They tend to hide in curtains. It is just bad luck that Riki got bitten while on tour.

While we were cycling through the Caprivi we were told that there were missionaries ahead of us, travelling with their horses to Tanzania. In Katima Mulilo we were privileged to meet them: Amelia, Josh and Rudi. For quite different reasons to ours they are also temporary stranded in Katima Mulilo with their horses. They invited us to stay with them for the time being. Once again we were touched by the friendliness and hospitality of strangers we met on our way. From the first moment we were treated like family. Amelia moved out of her room so that I can sleep on a bed, because it was quite difficult to get in and out of the tent with my leg. We take turns to do the cooking and washing of dishes. Everytime I ask myself the question why we had to be slowed down by a silly spider bite, I just realise that in the last 10 days we laughed more than in many days before. These people are so positive despite the fact that they are going through a very difficult time. You can read about their journey and challenges at

The little house we stay in is closely situated to the Zambezi river. Early mornings Hendrik walks to the river to watch the sun rise. The bird songs are beautiful. We hear Fish Eagles on a daily basis. We never feel alone in the house. Among the visitors is a gecko, skink, mouse, rinkhals, squirrel and two Green Bull Bull birds that eat out of your hand. Even the horses give advice when Hendrik is doing maintenance on the bicycles.

We managed to get an extension in our passports, but will probably hike towards our next stop somewhere in next week.

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