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A view to a kill

Earlier this week underwater photographer Russel Easton was diving just off Cat Island in the Bahamas when a 12 foot Tiger shark attacked him. The diver fought it off by hitting it in the mouth with his camera, shooting a photograph in the process. His dive buddy hung back and took photographs of the incident.

This story and the recent shark attack at Port St Johns on the Wild Coast resulting in it being dubbed ‘The world’s deadliest beach’, got me thinking… Surfers and divers’ passion for their sport overides their fear, they just live with the threat and take their chances. But is it necessary in this day and age of technology? How can you protect yourself from these things? I dug around a bit and found an electronic solution called a Shark Shield. I’ve posted a Shark Shield product range overview and links on Getaway Gear if you’re curious. 

However, the reality remains, if you swim in these waters you are no longer the apex predator, deal with it. And if you’re an underwater shark photographer, well… perhaps you should find a dive buddy who’ll try to help you out, not hang back and shoot pictures of your imminent and bloody demise.

For the full news story visit Digital Trends and The Daily Mail has more photos.


Update 30/01/2012:

Shark Spotters alerted us that the Russel Easton story is being viewed as a publicity stunt and shark dive operators are not happy.

Follow Shark Spotters on Twitter @SharkSpotters for local shark activity updates.

Also visit to find out more about their work and how the shark warning system works.

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