5 secrets to authentic travel

With so much travel literature and documentaries invading our lives, how can we be sure what the real secret to great travel is? Is there even such a thing? Maybe it’s in this list of five secrets to authentic travel, then again, maybe it’s not.

New addictions at Tanzania's Rubondo Island National Park

Rubondo Island National Park is one of Tanzania’s lesser known national parks, but that doesn’t make it any less incredible. It’s the largest Island national park in Africa, a lush, undisturbed forest filled with creatures great and small.

Tour de Malawi

Lance, this is where you should seek absolution, not on Oprah. And spare us the bestseller that everyone who ever cheered you on will read, just to find a glimmer of vindication. Save us the R249 and drop some of your own cash on a trip Malawi. It’s time you climbed aboard a real bike: Njinga, the iron horse of Malawi.

Don’t add to the silliness this season

Every year at Christmas time, we load the car, bus or minibus taxi and steer into the stream of speeding metal often to meet a like-minded vehicle going in the opposite direction, a drunken reveller or dejected soul stumbling across the road.

Spring at the Earth Fair Market

The thing about living in a reputedly warm climate is that winter is cold because we never properly prepare for it. We realise this every year and swear to insulate our houses and wear wool instead of cotton. Yet we still live in houses with single pane windows and gaps between the doors; we buy… Read more »

Meeting the King

Next time you’re in Mali, why not pay a visit to the King of the Bambara Empire?