Western black rhino declared extinct

As of 26 June 2013, the western black rhino has been declared extinct. According to Inhabitat, based on a report from International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the rhino species has officially disappeared from the face of the earth.

20 of the best aerial views in the world

Ever wondered what your favourite holiday destination looked like from the sky? From Mount Everest in the Himalayas to the Garden Route in South Africa, we look at 20 of the best aerial views in Africa and beyond.

Convicted rhino poacher sentenced to 21 years

Convicted rhino poacher Wawito Mawala was sentenced to 21 years in jail for the murder of his accomplice Erasmo Mazivele, even though it was a wildlife ranger that shot and killed him. Ingwavuma Regional Court magistrate, MA Khumalo sentenced Mawala to 15 years for the murder of his hunting companion, and a further nine years for unlawfully hunting rhino and a year for trespassing in an area where game was likely.

Video: Time is Nothing // Around the world

Two years ago, Kiem Lam quit his job and set out to discover the world. 17 countries, 343 days and 6237 photographs later, he created this video titled Time is Nothing // Around the world.

Lions rescued from Romania released into Lion's Rock

Lion’s Rock Big Cat Sanctuary in the Free State welcomed four lions and two tigers to it’s premises yesterday. International animal welfare charity Four Paws rescued the felines from Onesti Zoo in Bacau Country, Romania, before moving them to Lion’s Rock.

Top 10 sailing spots in Southern Africa

Sailing has become restricted to experts and honeymooners. This shouldn’t be the case. So, to help you get back to the water, we have put a list of top 10 sailing spots in Southern Africa.

10 manly things to do on Father's Day 2013

If your dad is the active and adventurous type then it’s time to think out of the box this Father’s Day. Here are 10 things to do that are a little more manly than your average pair of socks. Go on, he’ll appreciate it …