Tips for surviving India: the heart and soul of India

India is a tough country to travel in; particularly if you choose to do it the non-5-star way, as I did, and particularly if you are a caucasian female. May my Surviving India blogs provide you with much needed travel tips for surviving this incredible country.

Tips for surviving India: choosing where to go

India can be tough to travel in, particularly if you don’t seek out the help of a tour-guide or partake in an organised tour. These travel tips will help you decide where to go in India and why you should go there.

Why the hippie hype around Hogsback?

When two of my most free-spirited hippie friends proposed a trip to Hogsback my first thought was ‘Why the hippie hype around Hogsback?’ I recently visited this oasis in the Eastern Cape and have an answer for you.

Tips for travelling to Bali on a budget

I recently travelled to Bali with three friends. We’re all students, so we had to keep our budget low. Here are some tips for travelling to Bali on a budget that we picked up on our trip.