A mobile birding tour of the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is a World Heritage Site; a maze of waterways and floodplains that is celebrated for its value as a unique ecosystem, sustaining an unmatched variety of bird, animal, and plant life in Botswana. If you’re not checking the trees for some of Africa’s most colourful bird species… you ought to be!

Dining with an African rock python in Botswana

An African rock python is seen constricting and swallowing a squirrel at Camp Linyanti in the Chobe National Park. After leaving an epic lion sighting, this unusual event was captured on camera and recorded by wildlife filmmaker, Kevin MacLaughlin.

Mimosas on mokoros: an Okavango Delta adventure

It seems a little unfair that an amateur birder can hop onto a mokoro in the Okavango Delta and see three Pel’s fishing owls, and then follow that up with a little champagne on the water… but that’s exactly what happened on my Mapula Lodge excursion!

Caught on camera: three lion prides kill buffalo

Guests at Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp are in the right place at the right time as 3 different lion prides get in on a buffalo kill taking place on game drive in the Klaserie. Kevin MacLaughlin got it all on film. Take a look.

The fearless little honey badger

Even when they’re cute and fluffy, they’re one of the most dangerous carnivores out there! This baby honey badger had an attitude on him that kept filmmaker, Kevin MacLaughlin, on his toes while he was taking footage of this young ratel in the Linyanti recently.

Video: pot-luck pangolin

Is there anything worse than missing a great wildlife sighting? There certainly is – missing it twice. Watch this special sighting of one of the Kruger’s precious pangolins.

A festival of birds in the Kruger National Park

On a recent day trip to the Kruger National Park I was introduced to the private Mananga Trail – a discrete off-road route that follows the winding river and provides solace for an astounding amount of game. And birds!

Into the Pride Lands of the Klaserie

Looking over the Klaserie River, in the Klaserie Game Reserve, it’s difficult not to feel you’re in a scene from The Lion King. Here’s why …