Video: in Patagonia

There’s something about Patagonia which makes me want to run out of the office and straight onto the first flight for South America.

Photoblog: hiking the Otter Trail

If you have even a passing interest in hiking, make sure you do the Otter Trail at some point in your life. Here are some photos that I hope will inspire you.

In photos: A West Coast roadtrip

Chris Davies set off on a recent roadtrip up the N7, determined to avoid the stop-gos. Here are the gorgeous photos of what he found – pristine beach camping and fantastic West Coast hospitality.

Looking back on the #braaitour in 14 Instagrams

After a fantastic week, road-tripping from Johannesburg to Cape Town on the National Braai Tour, here’s a look back on the wonderful South African heritage destinations we were privileged to visit.