The best part of travel

Is the best part about travel crazy adventure? Foreign foods and culture? Leaving normal? No, for our columnist, it’s about the comfort zones.

Three men in a boat

There’s bound to be some ego and bravado, especially when the boat is heading for dangerous waters.

I blame George Saunders

Inspired by a famous writer, our columnist attempts a random act of kindness to strangers in Dubai.

News from afar

The great thing about travelling is leaving your life behind. But sometimes it can bring you back to life.

Do Sefricans sound sexy?

Our columnist talks up a storm on board a cruise ship, where fellow passengers hang on his every word.

Flying with sharks off the Cape coast

There’s nothing quite as magical as being suspended in a warm, cobalt ocean with friendly blue sharks. Close to Cape Town you can swim with these incredible creatures cage-free.