Why you should support World Elephant Day this year

To raise awareness of the elephants’ plight, August 12 has been declared World Elephant Day. Getaway and Wilderness Safaris are giving you the chance to share your best elephant images and stand a chance to win a four-night safari into the heart of Zimbabwe.

How plants use humans to disperse themselves

For the past 10 000 years, species have been figuring out how best to feed, clothe, intoxicate and otherwise delight us to their own ends. Humans may have been suckered into cherishing their chemicals in order to spread their seeds.

The art of camouflage in nature

Wouldn’t you like to try Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak or use Gollum’s ring to disappear? You’re not alone. Nature’s been working on the problem of not being seen for millions of years.

Birdsong – nature's music

Because it’s been with us since the beginning of time, bird music always seems somehow right except, perhaps, when it comes from a hadeda. But that could be our fault.

Travelling sea turtles

Out there in the watery blue beyond are whole communities linked to the Earth’s cycles, which we’re only just beginning to understand.

Collections in science

Everybody collects something; photographs, souvenirs, ticket stubs, teddy bears or just junk … but some collect more than others. Considerably more.

Unravelling the geological time scale

Gazing across the wild, rolling nothingness of the Kalahari or the ramparts of the Drakensberg, have you ever wondered how that bit of scenery got there? To geologists, the answer is all in the name, but ask them to elaborate at your peril.