5 things to do in Madagascar

Most travellers to Madagascar head to the popular Nosy Be or St Marie, but here are five other highlights not to be missed.

The secrets to capturing sunbursts

Ever wondered why the sun always shows as a blob of overexposed light in your pictures? Learn how how to create beautiful bursting rays of light.

Video: All the DSLR gear and no idea

In an effort to boost sales of their compact cameras, Sony Australia has come up with an online – slightly off-the-wall – marketing campaign. It has produced a series of videos poking gentle (but acutely-observed) fun at stereotypical DSLR users, with the tag line ‘All the gear and no idea’.

Canon 6D vs Nikon D600

I compare the Nikon D600 and the Canon EOS 6D: currently the most affordable full-frame sensor cameras on the market.

Canon’s all-new EOS 6D

True to form, Canon has launched its counter punch against the Nikon D600 – the revolutionary EOS 6D. This full-frame sensor housed in a sleek and sexy lightweight body is due to arrive on South African shores late November.