How to buy a kayak

If you ask me, everyone should have one, but consider these points before sinking hard-earned cash into your first kayak.

How to prevent traveller’s diarrhoea

It goes by humorous names such as Montezuma’s revenge, Rangoon runs and Delhi belly, but when traveller’s diarrhoea strikes, it’s not very funny at all. Travellers take heed and avoid an international tour of the local ablutions on your next holiday.

Put Foot Rally 2011

Let’s be honest, The Kings Speech and Just Bieber’s hair have nothing on what you are about to see in the first ever Put Foot Rally 2011 promo video.

Cool place to stay: Weaver’s Nest Cottage in Citrusdal

A warm glow emanates from the Weaver’s Nest, making you feel calm and welcome whilst the rustic farm building reveals a somewhat incongruously modern interior, which is plush with a comfortable living room and a particularly well-equipped self-catering kitchen.