Uruguay (and Yerba Mate)

My initial perception of South America is what I have seen on TV and the media: a wild, corrupt, drug fuelled mess. It turns out that so far, it’s nothing of the sort.

South American culture shock (and street art)

We’ve arrived in Argentina for the first leg of our massive expedition across the Americas. Buenos Aires has been an absolute culture shock. The area we’re staying in is covered in street art and graffiti – here’s our view of the city in photos.

Overlanding with our kids

Travelling with kids can noisy, messy, infuriatingly hard work. But kids see things old eyes don’t, kids live in the moment and remind us what it was like to be young and carefree (careless?).

My top 10 overland campsites

Overland camps are great places to meet like minded people, grab a cold beer after a long day of driving and to get advice from travellers coming from where you are going. My top ten Overland campsites all have one thing in common – character.