Five audio walking tours in Cape Town

Travelling is about seeing the world through other people’s eyes: these five audio walking tours in Cape Town will give you a completely new way to look at the Mother City.

A South African couple’s journey across the Old World

A little over eight years ago, Claire and I left Cape Town for London. We planned to spend two years working and saving money, in between travelling. Now, as I sit writing this in Luang Prabang, northern Laos, we have yet to return home for more than a flying visit since leaving eight years ago.

Sunrise on the River Ganges

India has a surfeit of sacred places, but for its Hindu majority there is no place as magically divine as Varanasi, on the banks of Ganges River.

Misadventures in Rome

A single coin thrown into the Trevi Fountain, with your right hand, over your left shoulder, is said to ensure a return to Rome. Claire and I did our duty as tourists in Rome. We joined a jostling crowd, picked through our wallets for the smallest change, turned our backs on the fountain, and threw …

Bombay bitter sweet

A look into the dichotomous lives of the people who live in a country of unfamiliar strength, where development and culture seem inexorably juxtaposed.

Mistaking Aleppo

At immigration, Claire and I – the only tourists on our Syrian owned bus – were treated with suspicion.