Breaking a promise on honeymoon

After watching Titanic for the first time, I swore would never go on such a big ship. However, in six weeks time, on my honeymoon, I will be boarding the MSC Divina – one of the largest cruise ships in the world.

Travel sketching: going old school

Taking photos on holiday is great, but the immediacy of modern technology has rubbed out some of the nostalgia of re-living your travel memories through photos that are only developed when you get back home. Enter travel sketching …

How I learned to love camping

As I child growing up in Europe, I hated camping. Ten years later, and living in South Africa, a trip to the Eastern Cape taught me to love it.

What kind of tourist are you?

“For as long as people have been able to travel, they have been drawn (…) towards sites, attractions or events that are linked in one way or another with death,… Read more »

KLM set to launch social seating

KLM’s ‘Social Seating’ app could be the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs, business opportunists, or lonely travellers to choose a seat next to someone they may be interested in (perhaps even romantically).

Venice: the most romantic city in Europe

Venice was a destination I was looking forward to the most while travelling through Europe. It is the ‘city of water’, known for its masks (the carnival), gondolas (with singing gondolier) and beautiful architecture (the Rialto Bridge) – need I say more?

Book review – Home Away

You cannot appreciate a painting while standing up close. The detail overwhelms, minutiae blur your view. Taking a step back, the image is no longer distorted. What is important stands out.
Reading Home Away (2010) offers a similar experience.