Photo blog: Riemvasmaak in the Northern Cape

After a great night and capturing some amazing images at Augrabies Falls we set off early the next morning in search of a little place called Riemvasmaak and stumbled upon a secret secluded paradise deep in the mountains with a hot spring.

Shooting up a storm at Augrabies Falls

Augrabies is a brilliant landscape to photograph and in no time we had our shirts off covering our cameras from the rain as the lightning and thunder rumbled all around us.

Preparing for the adventure

With less than two weeks left until we head off on our expedition, we decided to head to Atlantis Dunes in the Western Cape to take our Land Rover for a bit of a spin.

Teaser: Cape Town to Gaborone

21-year-old photographer Matt Geeling joins up with fellow photographer, Alex Arjes, and videographer, Jaryn Ringo Goelst, to capture some of the most beautiful imagery Africa has to offer.