In photos: Reunion Island

Reunion Island is not a bad place to have your birthday. From an active volcano to deep-dark crystal pools, enjoy these gorgeous photos from a dream assignment.

Durban: old dog, new tricks

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go home to Durban and dip into both the warm seas and the currents of change swirling through this multicultural, balmy city. What I found was inspiring.

Festival revival: Splashy Fen 2016

After being taken over by new organisers, it’s onwards and upwards for the classic KZN music festival – here’s a glimpse into Splashy Fen 2016!

In photos: MTN Bushfire festival

‘Bring your fire’ the saying goes – and they mean it. We travelled to the MTN Bushfire festival in Swaziland last year to witness the burning ourselves.

Photoblog: hiking Lion’s Head at sunset

Cape Town has a sickening number of beautiful places to watch the sunset from, and topping the list is Lion’s Head. Yes, it’s popular and touristy. But damn is it pretty.