Portrait of a beachfront

According to our Photo Editor, Durban is the best place in the whole world – and you can’t understand this beautiful city without getting to grips with the beaches.

The Baviaans Camino

The Baviaans Camino is a brand new 75km trail that can be done either on foot or on horseback, and when we heard about it we simply had to go. Here are the epic pictures we captured along the way.

35 places to start dreaming about for 2017

Of the 150 places I’ve photographed for Getaway magazine this year, these were my absolute favourites of 2016 – from luxury lodges to simple cottages, they all had something special.

In photos: Reunion Island

Reunion Island is not a bad place to have your birthday. From an active volcano to deep-dark crystal pools, enjoy these gorgeous photos from a dream assignment.

Durban: old dog, new tricks

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go home to Durban and dip into both the warm seas and the currents of change swirling through this multicultural, balmy city. What I found was inspiring.