In photos: Tanzania’s last true paradise

Just off the coast of Tanzania is Mafia Island: a raw, untouched paradise still immune to the melee of seasonal sun seekers. Tyson Jopson spent a week there and discovered that things work a little differently when you’re off the tourist radar. For now …

The ultimate Braai Day recipe guide

National Braai Day (24 September) is just around the corner and it’s time to sort out the braai menu for the big event. Here’s our pick of our favourite braai recipes, from burgers to deluxe boerewors.

How to stop time in the Swiss Alps

There are few remaining great train rides in the world. Yet somehow I’d bamboozled my way onto one of them: a four-day journey through Switzerland on a trifecta of Alpine express lines.

Room with a boo-boo

Tyson Jopson questions the integrity of holiday accommodation brochures and compiles a handy ‘brochure lingo’ code-breaker.

Meet Malawi

Beyond Lake Malawi, the country’s idyllic tourist distraction, lies it’s true fabric – honest, colourful, resilient, ripped and flawed.