A weekend on Clifton’s Nettleton Road

Getaway’s digital team recently got to spend a weekend on Clifton’s Nettleton Road, Africa’s most expensive road and home to some of the most luxurious accommodation in the world.

The 10 Million Mile Man

There is a man who recently been honoured for flying over 10 million miles (about 16 million kilometres). But how far is that really? Check it out.

Where can you go on your SA passport?

Wondering where you can travel, visa-free, on your SA passport? There are actually loads of countries that will take us South Africans in without having to go through the hassle of getting a visa.

Rock the River: finding that Easter beast

Camping with friends and listening to good music is never a bad way to spend a weekend. This one turned out to be especially fun, and strange at the same time, as an air of mischievousness drifted up the banks of the Berg river.

Getaway unveils its ride for the Put Foot Rally

Getaway’s “˜international van of mystery’ is a fully kitted VW Amorok sponsored by 4×4 Mega World, who have embarked on a joint venture with Volkswagen South Africa to create the ultimate luxury overlanding vehicle.