The elusive Cape eagle-owl

Night brings a special gift to birdwatching: darkness re-engineers sight and ears become extra eyes as you look up for a quietly gliding owl among the stars.

Wondrous woodpeckers

The trunk of a tree can become a musical instrument when a woodpecker is about. With sharp, chisel-like bills, woodpeckers are adapted for tree-tapping.

Birdwatching by the river

From handsome water-thick knees gathered on sand spits to snake-eating grey herons, South African streams have some of the most diverse wildlife. There’s nothing as relaxing as birdwatching by the river in the southern tip of Africa.

Meet the aquatic athletes of the avian world

On land, they waddle widely, balanced atop splayed toes like wrestlers, but once they hit water, they paddle and dip and dive like Chad le Clos. Meet the aquatic athletes of the avian world: ducks.

Larking about

From farmlands and desert sands to wild, grassy plains, a group of brown birds live subtly. Larks are little moving bits of earth, pebbles with feathers, leaves with beaks and tiny tumbling twigs with wings.

Save our sea birds

Like a giant jellyfish, the ocean wobbles with life, it sparkles in energy like a shoal of tiny fish and on its surface, if you watch carefully, reflections of birds dance.