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Caroline Webb

Caroline Webb - Associate Editor

Associate editor at Getaway. I love this job because it takes my brain – and sometimes the rest of me – to wonderful places. I am obsessed with islands, and have a special fondness for forests, midsized animals (meerkats, raccoons, warthogs etc) and childish food. I truly dislike the word ‘convenient’ and everything it stands for.

Claudia Hodkinson

Claudia Hodkinson - Getaway Travel

I have always loved the sound of aeroplanes and lawnmowers. Although I can’t tell you the reason for my affinity with the latter, the call to hop on a plane to some far-away place resounds every time I hear the engines roaring above. My travels have taken me to some truly inspiring places, from sleeping under star-studded skies in Morocco to indulging in local cuisine in western China. I am always on the hunt for the next place to visit and when I can’t afford to travel and feeling a little down, I ensure that I keep my grass long and my visits to the local airstrip frequent!

Kati Auld

Kati Auld - Digital content manager

Online editor (and chocolate biscuit manager) at Getaway. Big fan of mountains, bus trips, and compound nouns. You can find me complaining about photography most days, or daydreaming about hitting the road with a great playlist and no plans.

Ondela Mlandu


I love to be immersed in the history of a place and traveling is like opening up a new book, giving me new stories. I have an active imagination, so I enjoy putting myself out there: and besides, no one looks back fondly on a trip to the dentist or the grocery store!

Sonya Schoeman

Sonya Schoeman - Editor

People often say to me, with tangible resentment, ‘So, you must travel a lot.’ Actually, no. I do not. Mostly, I sit in my office reading about other people’s wonderful journeys and deciding what’s worthy of our Getaway readers. I do believe travel makes people better. Why? Because it’s usually fun, and almost always interesting, and people are just better when they’re having a good time. Not that it’s all about you, reader: I hope this year will take me to Morocco, Madagascar and a whole lot of South Africa. Actually, that sounds like I do travel a lot. But at least I’ll pass my finds on to you.

Teagan Cunniffe

Teagan Cunniffe - Photo Editor

I've long-since decided to invest in experiences, not things. Maybe it's because I find Things so easy to misplace, whereas memories tend to stick around a little longer. Regardless, I'm having the time of my life hitting the road as Getaway's Photo Editor. You can contact me on

Tyson Jopson

Tyson Jopson - Deputy editor

If you laid all the roads in the world from end to end you could go on a 142-year-long road trip. It's things like this that I think about when I'm sitting at my desk.

Welcome Lishivha

Welcome Lishivha - Multimedia Journalist

I am in constant search of ideas, places and moments that expand my optimistic world view. I like to keep my glass half full, especially if it involves wine. I love second-hand bookstores and try rescue at least one second-hand book in almost every town I visit. I seem to be more inclined towards assignments and adventures that tread a thin line between challenging and embarrassing myself. Having recently learnt to ride a bike and swim, you could say I'm on a quest to reclaim the childhood I spent mostly indoors watching Oprah.

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