Welcome to Africa – Arriving in Morocco

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Once again I find myself on a rooftop terrace. This time the dry heat and the silence of Ramadan surrounds me. The intricately tiled and sky-blue-painted town of Chechaouen, Morocco, Africa, before me, encircled by vast, gentle mountainside.

I got the Pondofever and I ain't happy about it.

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Does everyone hate the city this much when they return from a trip in the outback? I don’t know if we have an “outback” in South Africa. I’ve always wondered about that. Perhaps we just have “the bush” or “the country”. Whatever you want to call it, I just got back from it and I’ve got city fever to the power of a hundred.

Lake Malawi's Ilala

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Very sea sick. Now this is the ultimate experience that I am sure anyone will ever experience anywhere else in the world. Do not expect comforts or service, rather the sense of an uncut diamond. A real must.

Lake Malawi

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Chembe Village, on the southern end of Lake Malawi, has a charm that is difficult to place. You’re almost mesmerized by the openness and warmth that the atmosphere exudes. The people are forthcoming and engage affably with visitors. There’s almost a dreamlike quality to the feel of the place that makes you feel kind of at peace. Lake Malawi. I like.

Baked fruit

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There’s nothing quite like baked fruit to ward off the chills. And with the ominous weather we’ve been experiencing of late, here’s a recipe to keep cold away.