Travel anticipation

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I don’t think that anyone’s really interested in the semantics that always come with the first day of travel.

It is not easy being a birder!

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Apart from (or perhaps due to) the compulsive affliction of being constantly distracted by any movement in your peripheral vision, you are often treated as if you are ‘not quite right’ by the general public.

The Shimuwini routine – Kruger Park

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Falling into a routine need not be a bad thing. A routine becomes a rut if you’re not enjoying yourself, but one of the secrets to enjoying travel, I think, is getting into a certain groove.

Look up! Rare birds in summer

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I love summer! Sure the sunbeams, braais and skimpily clad bodies around the pool are good, but what really does it for me are the BIRDS! (the feathered variety not the bikini birds) Weird and wonderful birds pop up in the strangest place in summer.

Tastes of Barcelona

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Aah, Barcelona! Cold shower, clean clothes, back outside, northward. Paul’s guidebook highlighted an affordable and tasty restaurant called 99.9% as 99.9% of their ingredients are said to be locally sourced.