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Take life-logging and action cameras to the next level with the revolutionary Pivothead Durango Action Glasses.

Pivothead Durango Action-Camera Glasses

Want authentic first person perspective? Free up your hands and capture every new adventure with a pair of glasses that films your view. Share it all from a pair of shades that records crystal-clear imagery in full HD and excellent sound recording.

The nifty eyewear features 1080/30p video recording and can capture up to 8 megapixel-quality still images. Both burst and time-lapse modes are available too. You can capture bursts of 3, 5, 10, or 16 photos and create awesome action sequences or fun GIFs and cinemagraphs.

How does it do it? The special lenses have a built-in Sony CMOS sensor, 44.1 kHz mono microphone, 8GB of internal memory and a Micro USB connector for charging anywhere. The impact-resistant frames are durable enough for hiking or cycling and they also protect your eyes from the sun, blocking out all harmful UV rays.


Also available in matte black.


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  • Tania Brewis