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On a multi-day hiking trail, you have to balance sleeping comfort with hiking comfort: and when it comes to gear, size always wins. Here’s our pick of the best compact and easy to carry gear for a lightweight sleeping kit, and how it could be yours!


This combined sleeping kit – mattress, sleeping bag and pillow – only weighs 1.51 kilograms.


1. The Sleeping Bag: CapeStorm Down Core 250

Why choose this? This brand-new sleeping bag is one of the warmest down bags in this price range. Most backpacking sleeping bags have a mummy, or cowl, shape that tapers at the bottom for greater thermal efficiency but this bag also has a hood that helps to trap warm air. The outer fabric is durable and has a water-resistant coating. It was surprisingly roomy when I climbed into it and the fabric felt good and soft against my skin. Of all the bags I have ever tested, it was the easiest to stuff back into the sack.
Weight: 820g


2. The Mattress: First Ascent Aero 5.5 mattress

Why choose this? Extremely compact and lightweight, we’d happily take this mat hiking. According to our Gear Editor, “it’s very comfortable and when sleeping on my side my hip didn’t dig into the ground – the diamond-shaped construction of the fabric prevents this.” It fits into the Down Core 250 sleeping bag for extra warmth, which is awesome. It’s also surprisingly fast to inflate with a clever stop flap that doesn’t let air out unless physically pushed aside. Plus it’s a cinch to pack away.
Weight: 410g


3. The Pillow: Gelert Self-Inflating Pillow

Why choose this? Never underestimate the value of a pillow. Always bring one. This super-comfy and compact option has grip dots on the underside so it doesn’t slide around on the mattress, and it contains extra padding for insulation to keep your head warm too. We also like how durable and thick the fabric feels (punctures really shouldn’t be a factor here) plus it’s water-repellent.
Weight: 280g


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2 Responses to “Win a hiking sleep kit worth R2897”

  1. Craig Lunn

    Could you tell me where I can buy the 1. The Sleeping Bag: CapeStorm Down Core 250. I live in Cape Town. Many thanks Craig Lunn

    • Kati Auld

      Hi Craig. They’re not currently available on the website, but I’d suggest you contact CapeStorm directly to find out where / when they’ll have stock.


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