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During my week at Greenpop’s Trees for Zambia reforestation and conservation education project in Livingstone I smiled solidly for seven days. Here’s why I think tree-planters are such a happy bunch.

1. The more trees you plant, the less guilty you feel about driving, eating, washing, drinking, shopping, writing, printing, travelling and breathing.



2. A pickaxe is the ultimate stress reliever.


3. When you plant trees there will always be kids around. Kids laugh over 400 times a day. Happiness is infectious.



4. Planting trees is an effective, spandex-free workout.



5. There is something unbelievably cool about starting something that will be around for your kids (and grandkids) to enjoy.



6. Environmentalists are, on average, sexier than any other activist group.



7. Food tastes best after planting a tree.



8. Tree planting brings good people together.



9. Saplings look up to you.



10. Trees never say no to a hug.


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