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Choosing which rhino organisation to support can be quite confusing. Here are some simple and practical ways in which you can contribute to the fight against rhino poaching.

1. Educate your children about rhino conservation

World Rhino Day is coming up on the 22nd of September. One of the most important gifts to give your children is the appreciation of our wildlife heritage. Spend some time talking to them about the importance of conservation or create an activity to emphasise this. They deserve to inherit the wildlife for which we are fighting.

Want more info? Have a look at My top 5 rhino charities for 2012

2. Make rhino-rise the new accessorise

By buying their rhino bands, keyrings, stickers and candles, you’ll be helping Stop Rhino Poaching fund their various initiatives. Be assured that any money donated to this passionate team, will go directly to their on-the-ground projects and anti-poaching efforts.

To find out more about what Elise Daffue and her team do, visit

3. Give your dog horns

Your dog deserves a delicious meal every day and Cameron Pet Foods understands just how to put a wiggle in their step and a look of pure love on their faces! They also have a serious soft spot for rhinos and are donating R2 from every bag of pet food sold to Project Rhino KZN. They have already pledged half a million rand donation to this initiative.

Project Rhino KZN is a group that aims to coordinate efforts across all organisations involved in the fight against rhino poaching. For more information, visit

4. Drive a new car and satisfy your conscience

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new car, speak the guys at Unitrans motors. Their Unite against poaching initiative donates R500 for each Audi or Volkswagen vehicle sold by them.

The Unite For Rhinos campaign supports the SANParks Honorary Rangers. They will help supply the necessary equipment the rangers need to do their work. This varies from supplying backpacks and tents for rangers going on counter poaching patrols to rifle mounted night vision equipment for engagements.

For more information, visit

5. Carry your groceries in rhino style

Woolworths have just launched their second rhino bag highlighting that we’re losing one rhino every 20 hours (I think that figure is already down to every 18 hours). By buying the bag, you will be helping the Wildlife ACT Fund and WWF South Africa create new populations of critically endangered black rhino. R10 from the sale of each bag goes towards this initiative.

Buy a Woolworths rhino shopping bag

P.S. You also stand the chance to win a luxury safari to &Beyond’s Phinda Private Game Reserve

6. Need an excuse to jump? Do it for the rhinos

Is skydiving on your bucket list? If so, take part in this weekend’s ‘Skydiving for Rhinos’ event in Roberston in the Western Cape. Book urgently as there are only a couple of spots left!

If you’ve missed the chance to jump in Rustenburg, don’t stress, the Skydive For Rhinos team are keen to hold a second event on the 10th and 11th of November in Rustenburg, depending on the amount of interest. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

The money raised goes towards the African Conservation Trust. You can contact 033-342-2844 if you’d like to book for Saturday.

10 Responses to “Six simple ways to help end rhino poaching”

  1. Christie Fynn

    Hi Shayne

    The picture was taken by Chris Kelly from the Wildlife ACT Fund. Just drop me an email and I’ll send you his details.


  2. Jeanné Cordier

    Seriously, R500 for every car sold? The guys who Skydived for the rhinos donated R5000 EACH!!! I will definitely NOT buy an Audi or a Volkswagen.

  3. Rozanne Visagie

    Hi Christie
    I enjoyed your post..
    I am from Cape Town and we’ve also had poaching of rhino on private game reserves in this province recently!
    Please see details of my campaign and let me know if you perhaps have any contacts or ideas who I could contact for sponsorship for the various events that I am planning in aid of the Chipembere foundation and other conservation orientated beneficiaries in future and for my longterm inisiative.
    Best wishes to you too for all your endeavours to make a difference for these unique animals!


    This is a very lighthearted and simplistic attitiude towards a very serious and urgent matter and unfortunately your article does not highlight the desperate situation at all. I do agree that support of these events and offers are important and will make some financial contribution but they are not going to END RHINO POACHING!

  5. Brian Lennox

    Why are we apathtic about taking personal action with the hunters and vets who assist the killing of Rhino?. Shut their businesses down, refuse to do business with them, refuse to sell them food or anything, banks can close their accounts, you can embarass them in town when you see them, make their lives absolutely miserable. The courts are allowing them off lightly.

  6. marinda louw

    This is a marketing ploy and emotional blackmail by private businesses to enhance their own agendas in the name of rhino poaching. I will not support any of these.

  7. Lara Jansen van Vuuren

    Hi Christie,

    Rondomtali Travel is busy running a Rhino Awareness Initiative. We sell a number of products at local shops (stickers, magnets and key rings) We are getting as many schools involved in this project. It is about having a sticker on every car, magnets on every fridge and a key ring on every key.

    We are sponsoring R2 of every item sold to the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative.

    We believe that by reaching children at a young age, we’re preparing a whole new generation to deal with the plights of animals and how to protect them. Rondomtali reinforces positive behaviour and positive attitudes – children learn to extend mercy and kindness to animals, which in turn, allow them to become more considerate and caring in their relationships with others.

    Please visit our websit or email us for any questions.



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