Airline food

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If anyone’s flown over these summer holidays, they will have undoubtedly encountered the vileness that is airline food.

Death by chocolate dessert

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This must be close to the most decadent dessert on earth. It’s a chocoholic’s dream and so easy to make. It’s fabulous for impressing a partner or completely self-indulgent nights on the couch.

Gourmet lamb sandwich

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This open sarmie with caramelised onions, roasted tomatoes and lamb steak is so tasty and incredibly easy. Perfect for a light dinner or lazy Saturday lunch.

Ford's famous potatoes

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At a dinner party last weekend, these incredible chilli and garlic roast potatoes blew us away. There wasn’t a morsel left for seconds! I fluttered my eyelids at the host and managed to get the recipe for you.

Blissful Bolognese

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As any foodie would, when I’m down in the dumps, I cook. And whenever I need a little cheering up, I make this magical Italian Bolognese that returns my world to a happy place.