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My favourite food is definitely pizza – sad, happy, drunk – pizza always hits the right spot with its cheesy goodness. Here is my choice of the six best pizza restaurants in Cape Town. Try them and you won’t be disappointed. What are your favourite pizza restaurants in Cape Town? If they’re not on this list, add them to the comments section!

1. Busy, busy, busy

Posticino in Sea Point makes my absolute favourite pizzas. The thin, crispy bases are smothered in lots of topping and, luckily for the waistline, not overly cheesy. I have never eaten in at Posticino, simply because it is always packed and humming. Even waiting inside for my take-aways can be a bit daunting, but I promise, it is worth it! My recommendation: bacon mushroom, feta and pineapple. Goodness on a base.

Ristorante Posticino
323 Main Rd Sea Point
Tel 021-493-4014/3964

Pizzas: R39-R79

2. Rough side of town

Most people think Rafiki’s is reserved for the hard-drinking crowd, but their pizzas make them an excellent way to spend an early evening on the balcony with a few beers, especially on two for one Mondays. What makes these pizzas special? The onion and tomato marmalade used instead of plain old tomato paste. The marmalade makes even the humble margherita a delicious indulgence. I wish they would bottle it and sell it to me.

3 Kloof Nek Road
Tel 021-426-4731

Pizzas: R39-R59

3. It’s all in the name

After a fire in June 2010, Basilico has revamped itself, but kept the same delicious pizzas. They are quick and full to the brim with toppings (if pizzas can have a brim?). The restaurant has become more popular after its accident and it is essential to book on almost any night of the week. My guess is that the Basilico pizza (avo, mushroom, bacon, onion and garlic) ensures the loyal patrons.

32 Kildare Road
Tel 021-683-5989

Pizzas: R42-R80

4. Real Italiano

The décor of Bacini’s says it all – Tricolore flags, Italian football posters and red and white checked table cloths – this is the real Italy at work. Bacini’s has a large selection of pizzas and they are all wood fired to perfection. The gourmet pizza menu is especially temping to anyone more adventurous than a Regina-lover.

177 Kloof Street
Tel 021-423-6668

Pizzas: R40-R110

5. Trend setter

Greens is a chain of restaurants with a very varied menu, but I am particularly fond of their Park Street location in Gardens and their pizza menu. Sitting outside and watching the trendies of Cape Town walk by while eating an equally trendy pizza covered in fresh rocket is a great way to spend a Friday evening. Another appeal of Greens is their excellent wine list to match whatever pizza topping you choose. I highly recommend the Pizza California section of the menu – each pizza is topped with one or other fresh green.

5-9 Park Road
Tel 021-422-4415

Pizzas: R45-R87

6. Life Saver

A night out often ends with supreme hunger and Clay Oven is the answer. Serving decent pizzas until the early hours of the morning, it has saved many people from late night, partying-induced starvation. I wouldn’t make a special trip to Clay Oven on any ordinary night, but you must keep it in mind on a night out.

Clay Oven
166 Long Street
Tel 024-424-7233

Pizzas: does it really matter at 2am?

23 Responses to “Six of Cape Town’s best pizza restaurants”

  1. Michelle

    I’ve had pizza at all of these places except Clay Oven and, to my mind, the chewy-yet-crispy bases and fresh toppings (especially the vegetables) at Massimo’s in Hout Bay kick all of their asses. The Olympic four-in-one pizza at Bardelli’s in Kenilworth is pretty good (but a bit pricey), and Barusso’s does a decent take-out. The Toad in the Village in Noordhoek has an interesting pizza menu and their Size Zero is awesome for weight watchers who aren’t keen on mozzarella. Amazingly, I had a really good pizza last night from the tiny takeaway Capone’s in Fish Hoek – I asked them for half the amount of cheese, and was really impressed with the quality of their toppings.

    • s. du preez

      what a pity you have left out the best,,,,,clay oven is now called NomNom and i challenge anyone to find a better pizzzzzzza…….the best best best

  2. md

    i think you have forgotten nonna lina’s in orange street, col’cachio’s and maybe even carlyle’s… i wouldn’t put bacini’s on this list.

  3. Sarah Duff

    I love the really authentic pizzas at Limoncello in Gardens (thin, crispy base, not that much cheese and yummy toppings like artichokes). Nonna Lina’s pizzas are also great. I like Da Vincis’ (in Kloof Street) toppings – loads to choose from, especially as a vegetarian.

  4. Grant

    You have clearly not been to Napoli’s in Fish Hoek.
    No, I am not involved with, own shares or any other affiliation to them.
    They just rock on taste.

  5. Kate

    What about Da Vinci’s?!?!?!? The original Da Vinci’s is in Harfield Village, very cosy, crispy thin pizza bases, and paper on the tables with a box of crayons. Awesome place to chill out and pizza’s are amazing!

  6. Kimberley

    You missed out Borussos! This is a classic Cape Town favourite – the best pizza’s I’ve EVER had.

    I recommend the No. 1 Special (Feta, Salami, Caramelized Onions, Chilli) with extra Avo (they aren’t shy with avo – they slather it all over the top)… Kenilworth Branch.

  7. MD

    None of those pizza places even come close to Woodlands restaurant in Vredehoek.

    Its only been open for about 6 months or so but they are always busy because their food is that good!!!

    Most of their pizza’s are delicious, but my absolute favourite is the Lamb and Creme Fraiche pizza! Its to die for!!! If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out!!!

  8. Mark

    Suprised Borrusso’s or Bardelli’s is not included. However,do agree with most of the suggestions.

  9. NickG

    This is a shocking list!

    Big names you’re missing:
    Massimos, Nonna Lina, Limoncello, Col Cacchio, Bardelis.


  10. Cristina

    I gotta agree with a lot of the comments already made. Bardelli’s in Kenilworth and Massimo’s in Hout Bay have earned the right to be on this list. (Above Greens! in fact I rank them right up by Postocino) No question about it! If you haven’t been then you are denying yourself a truly pizza experience! At Barelli’s I ALWAY have a OLYMPIA (2 slices of 4 different pizzas) just so that I don’t have to choose just one! If you are a pizza lover, then you owe it to yourself to visit these 2 places! (Don’t take my word for it- go check it out yourself. I do also klnow Bardelli’s has also opened in Kloof str)
    51 Kenilworth Road, Cnr Kenilworth & Wessel Roads, 021 683 1423
    18 Kloof Street, 021 423 1502 / 079 509 9922
    Oakhurst Farm Park,Main Rd, Hout Bay, 021 7905648

  11. Simon

    I have to disagree – the worlds best pizza is to be found at Bruegles in Mowbray – once you’ve had their pizza, you’ll be spoiled for life


    • Pinkelstein

      Brueghels!! Bases too thin. and venue too wispy, and lacking in ambience. I know you don’t always need ambience for a pizza, but, it’s sort of cheerless and bleak. Pizza is such an Italian expression of abundance, one wants exuberance and laughter and music, not crayons and melamine chairs. Least I think they were melamine. They were hard anyway. Anyone tried Morituri, I quite enjoy their pizzas, and so did Gordon Ramsay according the his photo on their wall.

  12. Sarah

    Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions of pizza places guys. Maybe my updated list will look a little different this time next year. It sounds like Massimo’s in Hout Bay should be next on my list of places to try.

  13. Liana Savage

    @SorrentoCpt give us a try our signature pizza the domenique topped with parma ham or ortolana for the veggiesmWestlake lifestyle centre tokai plenty parking and safe playground for kids.Hope to c u there : )

  14. J Johnson

    We generally go for Morituri’s their pizza toppings are interesting and unusual & their salads are scumptious

  15. Tracey

    the best I’ve had Is DIVA, it used to be in Obz and are now in Buitenkant street next to the Percys.
    The Mediterranean, Thai Chicken and the veg Arosstitti Pizzas are even better than they were in the Obz. Thin base and good value, Im hooked on Diva, surprised u missed it, it’s also a low key good vibe

  16. Adri

    Ask yourselves why Katie Holmes and also Meryl Streep when in Cape Town were only ordering pizza`s on a regular base from Big Route. That should say it all.

  17. Assunta Sagneli-Olivier

    you have left the fior di latte creations at a Forneria in Tableview and Melkbosstrand…grew up in an italian household and this is as close to home as possible!

    • Dudley Ristow

      Totally agree regarding the Table View outlet, my son in law is from Italy and says it can compete with any pizza in Italy And why should it not when it is an Italian family that owns it. Melkbosstrand outlet was not on par with our one venture there so we stick to the Table View one. Totally delicious !!!


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