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We all happen across them from time to time. Little pockets of humour spread all over the countryside. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a remote little village or on your everyday travels; a funny sign, whether intentional or not, can often make your journey memorable – or at the very least, liven up your day. This week’s funny signs were compiled by Kerry Peers.

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The following funny signs were sent in over the past week by our readers:

Getaway funny signs

Dieter Eberhardt found this display of double standards in a pub while on a skiing trip in Austria.


Getaway funny signs

Nina Keyser did not dare to feed the goats at a guest house in Oudtshoorn.


Getaway funny signs

It’s obvious that English is not the first language of the Italian owners of this restaurant at Watabu Bay Hotel, Kenya, where Terry Banks saw this sign.


Getaway funny signs

Gert Beetge was somewhat amused by the spelling on this sign outside a shop in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.


Pop in again next week for another dose of funny. Alternatively, if you think you have happened upon a sign worthy of this space please email it to

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