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We all happen across them from time to time. Little pockets of humour spread all over the countryside. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a remote little village or on your everyday travels; a funny sign, whether intentional or not, can often make your journey memorable – or at the very least, liven up your day.

These funny signs were compiled by Kerry Peers.

Win a copy of Getaway’s third edition of the Funny Signs series, Getaway:Even More Funny Signs – a collection of truly hilarious messages from Africa and beyond. Click here for more information. The following funny signs were sent in over the past week by our readers:


Getaway Funny Signs


Alex Greyling snapped a picture of this sign along the coastal road at the entrance to a beach house, close to Danger Point. The bottom of the sign that is now half buried in sand and hardly visible, reads “snakes”.  Wonder what it is that they have against spikes for them not to be allowed in…


Getaway Funny signs


Alex took this picture at the Namaqua National Park, Skilpadnek entrance at the end of August 2012. It’s definitely warning enough to stop anyone from trespassing!


Getaway Funny Signs


Kurt and Martina Fischer came across this sign when they visited Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Center close to Kimberley. This sign is nothing if not informative…


Getaway Funny Signs


On a recent visit to Nieu Bethesda, Marguerite  spotted this sign on an old unused eatery or pub of sorts. Quite quirky for the location. At least they know exactly what they’re looking for.


Pop in again next week for another dose of funny. Alternatively, if you think you have happened upon a sign worthy of this space please email it to

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