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Be smart about trips to the beach with these 6 beach essentials.

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1. Kaufmann Outdoor backpack cooler bag


Amazing beach gizmos - Cooler Bag Backpack

I love when travel gear gets practical and the Kaufmann Outdoor backpack cooler bag is a great example – comfortable portability, meet the ice-cold drink. A compact insulated cooler bag (roughly the height and width of a ruler) with adjustable padded backpack straps this guy is perfect for finding that perfect spot on the beach. There’s also an additional storage pouch and it fits two upright bottles of Coke.




Use big empty sunscreen bottles as a disguised valuables case. See more great gear ideas we found from Pinterest.


2. The Braai Tool

From R399,

Amazing beach gizmos - The Braai Tool

It’s hard to imagine a more multi-functional pair of tongs than – The Braai Tool. Invited to exhibit at the Design Indaba 2015, the hinged tongs split to form a knife and fork to chop up meat on the grid and are slightly curved to use as serving spoons or singularly as a spatula. There’s also a built-in bottle opener, because what’s a braai without a cold brew?


3. Smartsun UV Band


Amazing beach gizmos - Smartsun UV Band
The Smartsun wristband is a UV indicator which tells you when to reapply your sunscreen. I thought it was a real gimmick until I tried it over December, and it actually works. The band changes colour with your sun exposure and gives you spot-on timing to prevent burning the skin. They detect both UVA and UVB rays and are waterproof.


4. Go Buddy light


Amazing beach gizmos - Go-buddy

Providing up to 12 hours of light with a single days charge, the Go Buddy is a tough, splash-proof lantern. Form the makers of Solar Buddy, this new lantern is more compact and designed with hikers and travellers in mind – the slim stainless steel stand make it easy to pop up and the Velcro strap allows it to attach to objects like a backpack or your beach umbrella for optimal charging.


5. K-Way Microfibre Trek Towel

From R250,

Amazing beach gizmos - Trek Towel

Fly to Durbs and take a towel with that won’t take up the entire suitcase and still actually dries properly. The K-Way Microfibre Trek Towel is up to six times lighter than conventional towels and available in three sizes.


6. T-Reign ProCase


Amazing beach gizmos - T-Reign

Made for large point-and-shoot cameras, the weather and impact resistant T-Reign ProCase can be use to protect a variety of goods like glasses or the GPS. The Velcro straps can be strapped around a backpack handle or similar, but the kicker here is the retractable tether, which attaches directly to your valuables from within the case as a hindrance to pickpockets.


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