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A tepid cup of coffee will irk even the most intrepid of explorers. These travel mugs have been tested for mobili-tea (I couldn’t resist) and will heat up any outdoor adventure despite the chilly weather.


It’s all in the detail

  • When looking for your ideal travel mug, ask yourself how big a cup you need and how much heat retention you require.
  • Stainless steel mugs with a closed mouthpiece are best for keeping your beverage piping hot, while plastic mugs will only keep your drink hot for about an hour or so.
  • Check how it closes if you want one for hiking, biking or picnicking, otherwise an open-mouth cup will do if you’re making a quick trip to the office.
  • Also consider whether you prefer a handle on your mug because in most cases it can affect whether it’ll fit into car cup holders.
  • As a general rule, stainless steel flasks are better at heat retention than plastic mugs.


1. Ready, set, ADVENTURE


If you’re not a morning person, this Adventure Flask by Wild & Wolf Bar is sure to put a smile on your face. This 500ml stainless steel flask comes with a matte black finish and the words ‘The Adventure Begins’ printed on the body, plus a push-button top for easy pouring.



2. A handsome option


The Isosteel Colourline is an attractive 400ml mug that keeps hot for about two hours. The mouthpiece release button works properly with a comfortable lip to sip from and there’s no spilling or gathering coffee to splash across your face, which is always a welcome feature.


The lid is a mission to clean as you can’t access the sipping passage with cleaning brushes or cloths and you’ve got to run it thoroughly under hot water to wash away any leftover beverage trapped in the lid.


3. Clip-on and off you go


The Stanley Clip-Grip Coffee Mug is a sturdy cup ready for any adventure. It’s big for a travel mug at 600ml and has a plastic inner so after two hours it’s less than lukewarm and a bit sies to drink. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is car-cup compatible, which is hard to find on cups with big handles.


I find it a bit hard to drink from, because the twist mechanism of the lid has to line up with the drinking groove and you can’t sip smoothly – in the end I took the lid off. However, it’s successfully leak proof after a vigorous shake test and clips onto your backpack saving you valuable space when hiking.


4. Long-term test

About R60,

This 300ml stainless steel travel mug from Checkers has served me well over the past two years and I’m delighted to see it in stores again. It fits into the cup holders of most cars and keeps your drink hot after three hours. There is a push-in top to release the beverage and a mouthpiece that’s easy to drink from.


The only snag is the screw in top because you have to line the lid up perfectly before screwing it into the body, otherwise it just won’t seal. I can also confidently say it doesn’t leak, unless you leave the button open and hot chocolate seeps into your bag. The smell of day-old milky drinks is nothing to brag about.


5. Office mug


The Neoflam travel mug is light and easy to drink from when you’re on the go.


It has double walled insulation so you won’t burn your hand, but is made from plastic and doesn’t hold heat very long. It’s looks like a take away cup of coffee, which exactly indicates its capability and at 500ml it has a great capacity making it the perfect accomplice on the way to the office.


6. Hot or cold?

From R280,

This 500ml Atlasware bottle is a multitasking winner. It doesn’t only keep your drinks steamy – for a good four hours I might add – it also keeps cold beverages icy. It looks like an ordinary water bottle, but it does a great job with your caffeine stash and it doesn’t leak.


The water bottle design makes it an odd shape to sip hot drinks out, but the insulated bottle will maintain the icy temperature of your cold drink for at least six hours. My only disappointment is the base size of the bottle, which is bigger than most standard car cup holders and didn’t fit. The bottles come in various sizes so you can choose from a 500ml, 700ml, 1 litre, 1.75 litre bottle.


7. Small classic thermos


The Stanley flask with cup attachment harks back to the traditional thermos flask, but it’s smaller. This sleek bottle has a two-cup capacity at 500ml and your drinks are still hot enough to enjoy ten hours later.

Stanley Flask
You can sip your drink from the small attachment cup and it’s a great addition to your padkos basket because it’s a good packing size. It’s a great option for couples or to take solo on your favourite activity, but take your own mugs as this lid is a little small.


8. Stylish steel


This sleek 400ml stainless steel flask from Woolies is a beautiful buy. Made with a stainless steel outer, plastic lid and secure button lock it’ll go the distance.



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