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Like blunt chopping knives, cheap corkscrews are endemic to self-catering holiday spots. Pack these must-have wine travel gadgets and never be caught off-guard again.


1. True Utility Twistick

R99, Cape Union Mart

Twistick - Getaway Magazine Wine Gadgets

It takes a bit of muscle to pull out the cork using the True Utility Twistick, but you’ll be thankful to have this small device (about the length of an ear bud) hanging from your keys in a vino emergency.

Buy it: R99 from Cape Union Mart


2. Corkcicle

From R279, Superbalist
Wine Travel Gadgets - Getaway Gear Blog-6

The nifty Corkcicle is perfect for self-catering weekends away. Pop the bottle-length icicle into the freezer overnight and place it into your wine bottle before drinking to guarantee a perfect sipping temperature. Reds require a 15-minute chill time and whites about an hour. It’s gimmicky, but works, and it’s great for summer.

Buy it: R279 from Superbalist


3. Opinel No 10 Stainless Steel Corkscrew + Cheese Knife

R465, Awesome Tools

Wine Travel Gadgets - Getaway Gear Blog-4

Both knife and corkscrew, this Opinel No 10 Stainless Steel Corkscrew + Cheese Knife features a hardened stainless steel mechanism to easily pop the cork. The beech-wood handle is comfortable to pull and fits neatly into the palm of your hand. Keep it in the picnic basket or cubby hole.

Buy it: R465 from Awesome Tools


4. Le Creuset Wine Pump

R288, Yuppiechef

Wine Travel Gadgets - Getaway Gear Blog-3

Got a little blush left over from lunch? The Le Creuset Wine Pump helps preserve opened wine with a rubber stopper and pump. Push the stopper into the wine, place the pump over the top and pull until you feel resistance indicate its sealed. Also available in olive and yellow.

Buy it: R288 from Yuppiechef


5. Menu Wine Cool Coat

R699, @Home 

Wine Travel Gadgets - Menu Wine Cool Coat

This sleek black and grey Menu Wine Cool Coat has a removable ice pack that keeps your bottle frosty on the go. I was hoping it would stay colder for longer than an hour and a half, but it’s still great for beach trips, picnics or game drives and the padded bag protects the bottle well.

Buy it: R699 from @Home

PS. We also discovered this budget wine cooler option from Cape Union Mart for only R150.

Wine Travel Gadgets - Getaway Gear Blog-1

Check out some of the best pre-ordered picnics in the Cape Winelands so you can get the most out of your gadgets.


Picnic under one of the 21 historical Gables at Spier

Picnic under one of the 21 historical Gables at Spier


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