5 innovative camping chairs

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In the June issue we tested six of the best camping chairs under R600, here are more of our favourite bum-holders that we couldn’t squeeze onto the pages.

Tested: 8 great travel mugs and small flasks

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A tepid cup of coffee will irk even the most intrepid of explorers. These travel mugs have been tested for mobili-tea (I couldn’t resist) and will heat up any outdoor adventure despite the chilly weather.

5 hot water bottles for winter

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One simple piece of gear can bring you all the comfort from home on your travels – the noble hot water bottle. Warm up your sleeping bag with one of these affordable winter warmers.

Heads up: best winter beanies

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Ever heard that up to 40% of your body heat can be lost through your head? Old wives’ tale or not, you won’t be afraid to head outdoors with one of these great winter beanies.

Tested: 10 tents made for adventure

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Camping is still the best way to be close to nature, but it also leaves you at its mercy. Choosing the right shelter is vital, so we tested the ten best tents for your next adventure.