New: Incase travel bags

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Tablets, laptops and smartphones are must-have travel companions for modern jet setters. Give them on-the-go protection with new Incase travel bags.

Staying power: rechargeable batteries tested

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Which rechargeable AA batteries last longest? We charged them up, loaded them into identical Mini Maglites, turned on the lights and waited to see how long they took to run flat.

Game on: great travel games

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It’s all fun and games until the kids fight over the iPad. Go old school with travel games that don’t have to be plugged in.

Tested: iON Slides 2 PC Slide Converter

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Since the onslaught of digital photography in the past decade your gran’s old slides are probably lying in a box in the corner cupboard. Thanks to the iON slides converter, it’s time to get them out.

Hiking gear that’s stood the test of time

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This year Getaway celebrated their 25th birthday so we sussed out the failsafe hiking gear that’s stood the test of time and gets stuffed into the backpack for journeys like the iconic Otter Trail.