Adventures in Ethiopia – Gonder and the Simien Mountains

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Many people mistakenly believe Africa was still primitive at the time that the Spanish and Portuguese were setting out to explore the world. However, in Ethiopia there was in fact a flourishing African kingdom. We spent a great deal of time exploring the churches around Gonder before heading to the Simien Mountains.

Humans of London

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London is a beautiful, mad mess of humanity. These are some of the people I met, talked to, and photographed while I was there on assignment for Getaway magazine.

Adventures in Ethiopia – Addis Ababa to Lake Tana

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Ethiopia has always been at the top of our long list of countries to visit. We didn’t go in search of capturing an award-winning photograph of a malnourished child with a fly on it’s lip, and a vulture lurking in the background. We chose Ethiopia for its culture and insanely fascinating ancient history.