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Whether we’re on the road, at a campsite, in the bush or even just at home, remembering that old saying, ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan‘ is often the incentive we need to start thinking about alternative solutions. Of course, sometimes those solutions don’t quite work out as we had hoped.



I found this clip a few weeks ago and it made me think about that old South African saying, ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan‘. I love the saying. I think, even in times when it seems like it’s all gone pear, it’s kept many South Africans going. Whether we’re on the road, at a campsite, in the bush or even just at home, remembering that is the simple incentive we need to start thinking about alternative solutions.

In fact, I think it’s even gone beyond that. Proving that we can maak ‘n plan proves that we are true South Africans. I’d go so far as to say that I’ve even been oddly excited when things haven’t gone right and I’ve had to make a plan … even if it gets me in a little trouble (see: A letter of apology to Kruger National Park’s Orpen Camp).

Indeed, as a nation, we really are a resourceful bunch, perhaps the most resourceful of all. Our maak ‘n plan attitude has lead to the invention of things like Pratley putty, dolosse, and the kreepy krawley (see: Great South African inventions) and we should pat ourselves on the back for that.

It has also, however, led to some monumental stuff-ups, like the one below. It’s not hard see that this is not a good plan. It’s also not hard to see what’s going to happen next. It is hard not too shake our heads and mutter, ‘Idiots,’ the whole way through. And I think that’s something we (those of us not in this video, anyway) should also be able to pat ourselves on the back for: knowing a kak plan when we see one.

How not to cut down a tree in Africa

Here’s to hoping that your next maak-‘n-plan moment is better thought out than this one!

If you have any stories to share about the time your resourcefulness saved the day (or even just yourself) share them in the comment box below.

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  • Seriously? These guys didn’t see that coming?!

  • Daar is nie pille vir so ‘n dom d—- nie!!

  • cliff Rossenrode

    What a D*#s!

  • cliff R

    I think the plan was to demolish the Bakkie….?

    • Tyson Jopson

      Haha! Best comment so far.

  • Jeanette Bergoff

    Brilliant. I had a very good laugh, thanks to all concerned!
    About 17 years ago, I worked for a publishing company and my trade magazine focused on Landscaping in SA. and we dealt with industrial landscaping, wholesale nurseries, tree felling etc.
    My colleague handled our Buyers Guide which was published annually.
    She had a palm tree growing next to her swimming pool and as the tree ‘s rooting system and stem grew larger, it started cracking the side of the pool. Now as we were considered experts in all aspects of horticulture etc, she figured she could remove the palm tree at a much cheaper price than she had been quoted by one of our tree-felling clients which was in those days about R1600.00!. So she persuaded her husband to reverse their brand new BMW 5 or 7 series car onto the lawn near the swimming pool to which they would attach the special 6 metre rope ( borrowed and cost R350.00 a metre ) and the rope would be tied around the palm tree on one side and the other end would be attached to the bumper of their brand new BMW!!!!!!!!!! So hubby obliges though he was not too happy and starts the car and slowly pulls forward. The palm started to fall and in the process, it ripped out the pool’s electical wires and cracked the pool and then the very expensive rope snapped with the strain and the bumper was torn away from the car’s body. Total cost + – R30.000. 00. I was on the floor laughing so much when she was relating this story to me and I have never forgotten this incident. I actually wanted to get a small copy of a chain-saw and present it to her at our Christmas lunch as an award for giving me the very best laugh I have ever had. And yes, they had to employ a tree-feller to remove the palm before the pool could be repaired.

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