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Did you know that close to one in five South African holidaymakers have spent more than R50 000 on an international holiday? Or that one in three SA holidaymakers pay for their holidays with a credit card? This infographic (by Avios) highlights some of the trends we’re following as South African travellers.

how south africans plan their holidays, infographic

The Avios Travel Rewards Programme offers South Africans a chance to collect Avios points towards British Airways flights.


Did you find some of these results surprising? Let us know in the comment box or take this quick poll: how much do you spend on a holiday?


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  • Elle

    This infographic doesn’t seem to be accurate. While I love the idea of visually representing boring survey results, the results still need to be represented correctly. There are quite a few basic calculation errors which really detracts from the impact of the infographic. e.g. South Africa holiday makers travel mostly…. the stats add up to 102%. There are 3 other mistakes like this…see if you can spot them 🙂