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We’re now into our second week in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and although we haven’t seen any lions (everyone else seems to have), we’ve been really inspired by everything else here, such as the Kgalagadi’s huge expanse, the herds of springbok and wildebeest and gemsbok, camping under the stars at Nossob, Mata Mata and Twee Rivieren and the opportunity to simply dream and hope. We’ve seen some pretty incredible wildlife as well: a secretary bird catching and eating a snake, a bataleur eagle drinking at a waterhole, two martial eagles a few metres from our car … there’s no mistaking the wonder of this place.

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  • The most amazing place to be. Were there in December/January 2011 with all the rain and the floods. Wonderful to see how, in just two to three days, the harsh dryness dissapears into green pastures. The reaction of the animals after the rains and not even mentioneing that smell. That smell you will never smell again elsewere, just in tha Kgalagadi.

    I am Jealous.

    [email protected]

  • Ann

    You lucky bugger! Would love to be there now, seeing all God’s amazing creatures, big and small… Enjoy and keep posting your wonderful photos!

  • Hi Scott
    We were camping next to you at Nossob, I spoke to your friend as well…you saw my pictures of the Lioness that we saw…remember? Well, I had trouble with my zoom lense 70-200mm and some of my pic’s ended on the editing floor…:-( But there were some that made it…! Hope you get to see some lions…cannot believe you didn’t see any, we saw on our way from Tweerivieren and again the next day, about 20km from Nossob.
    You don’t need a 7D your pic’s are crisp and clear! Enjoy!

  • Did you see the jacal with the split ear at the picnic spot? I took some pics if you want to take a look on my facebook page.

  • Willem van Doorn

    Hello Scott,

    My wife and I visited the Kgalagadi T.P. last July for the first time and enjoyed it immensely.
    The vastness, the wildlife, the silence and the night sky are things that are experiences that are unknown to us. This is the gold of South Africa for which you do not have to dig.
    Please stop writing about the Kgalagdi the way you do, or I will be robbing a bank to buy air tickets to Uppington for a next visit.
    Greetings from Utrecht The Netherlands.

  • Dina

    Hi, we will be in. Nossob, Gharagab and Mata Mata in July! Do you think we are going to freeze up!