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It will come as no surprise that Apple is developing technology to simplify the traveller’s experience in airports and upon arrival at their destination. Passbook is a brand new application, currently in it’s beta version, that is developed for iOS6 software for iPhone and iPad. It will supply travellers with digital versions of boarding passes and then update these passes if any changes occur – like flight delays and boarding gate changes.

The pass is triggered by the traveller’s location and time, so when they show up at the airport on the day of their departure, the app and boarding pass will automatically pop up. The official version of the app will be available at the end of this year and it will not only focus on boarding passes, but also movie tickets and membership cards.


The iTravel era

According to a report on Tourism Update, a new iTravel era has been in its planning stages since April 2010, and although Apple aren’t letting anyone in on these plans, rumour has it that Passbook is the first step in this direction.

The basic concept behind iTravel will be to enable paperless ticketing and wireless check-in systems. Some of the predicted features for iTravel include a ‘tap and go’ system where passengers simply tap their cellphone (switched on or off) on a reader and the boarding pass will be read automatically.

Another feature will bring travellers and airline companies in more personal contact, allowing the airlines to inform travellers of special deals and upgrades shortly before they travel. On arrival at the destination, travellers will receive their own city guide and last-minute specials on hotels. The chosen hotel will be notified that the traveller is on their way and the check-in process can commence.

It seems like life in the iTravel era will have travellers more dependent on their iPhones than ever before. Read the full article on Tourism Update.

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