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Atlantic Rising is a three person expedition tracing 32,000 km of what could be the new coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.

The team of Lynn Morris, Tim Bromfield and Will Lorimer, all 29, are travelling by Land Rover around the ocean along the 1 metre contour line, predicted to be the new coastline of the ocean in 100 years time if sea levels continue to rise.

We planned our journey to be an exploration of the history, cultures and places that could be lost to climate change and an opportunity to explore how people around the Atlantic are adapting to the challenge and finding innovative ways to mitigate the problem.

We left the UK on September 1st 2009 on a ferry for France. We drove through Europe and crossed into Morocco. Then followed the coastline of West Africa to Ghana. We went through the Sahara, along the beach in the Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania and to mangrove forests in Senegal.

Along the way we are creating a network of schools in low lying communities around the edge of the ocean. The idea is to get children to share their experiences of climate change and to work together on solutions.

We boarded a containership with our car and crossed the Atlantic to Brazil. And now we are heading northwards up the Atlantic coast of the Americas to Canada.

You can read about our education project and the expedition so far on our website, and you can also follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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