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Travelling to three major destinations in South Africa is about to get easier and hopefully a little cheaper. The Durban-based Velvet Sky airline’s inaugural flight departed from OR Tambo this morning and the feedback is looking positive. Although the airline is currently not serving alcohol on their flights, everyone arrived in Durban on time and happy.

The airline will be flying a triangle route, including major South African destinations Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.  The airline launched after a year of extensive research and decided to enter the highly competitive low-cost airline industry after seeing an increase in the number of travellers across South Africa in 2010, specifically on the Johannesburg to Cape Town route.  Velvet Sky is looking to compete directly against low-cost airlines Kulula, Mango and 1time with more-than-low prices. They are offering a personal touch to their airline’s customer service says chairman, Cecil Reddy, ‘Velvet Sky will offer passengers more choice when making their travel arrangements through realistic scheduling, competitive pricing and adding capacity to the busier routes.’ The idea that there might be a low-cost airline that values customer service is welcome to weary South African travellers.

Velvet Sky’s website states ‘passengers can expect a continuing element of surprise, class, service and a commitment to punctuality to differentiate them from other airlines.’ Be sure to check out their  launch specials with one-way tickets from Johannesburg to Cape Town for R400 and from Johannesburg to Durban for R200 until April 12th.

Photograph courtsey of Kim Seng.

12 Responses to “New low-cost airline Velvet Sky takes off”

  1. Cameron

    I love the hype round Velvet Sky, but I hope they can deliver on their promises. Mind you, I kinda have a defensive approach to travel. That is I expect it to cost double and take an hour longer than they say so I am never really disappointed. Come to think of it the last time I was truly disappointed I was flying on a full-fare carrier that I already subsidize hugely with my tax money.

  2. Angela

    When are you flying the route durban to cape town?
    Trying to phone the reservation no. but there is no reply.

  3. James Patrick

    Flew on Velvet Sky on Saturday and ended up waiting in the plane for two hours before it eventually
    took off. No proper boarding passes and people double booked in seats. They have only one very old plane and I saw on one of the posts on hello peter that its already broken down. Mickey mouse stuff.

  4. Lawyer

    What a stunning photo – well done Kim. They’ve certainly got off to a “flying” start (forgive the pun).

    Regarding Velvet Sky, do you know whether they are still planning on doing the Cape Town to Durban flight route? Last I heard was that they were thinking of flying it in June, once they had more planes.

  5. brain

    i think this airline is absolutly crap the process just to get on a flight is long and confusing and i for one think i should of flown with anouther airline for a little more it would of saved me and my family hours maybe day just trying to get me on the plane absolutly PATHETHIC!! if you ask me fly with another airline thats my suggestion!

  6. big jee

    my concern is that the cheaper the airline, the less money they have for maintaining the aircraft, and when they dont maintain an aircraft, it can fall out of the sky !!!

  7. Cheap Flights

    Just for anyone who doesn’t know. Velvet Sky airlines has gone out of business. The only low cost carriers left in South Africa are Mango (Owned by SAA), Kulula (Owned and operated by Comair / British airways and 1Time. If you are looking for cheap flights you are going to have to stick to the current big 3. Lets hope that something like Ryanair opens in South Africa soon.


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