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It’s Olympic time again!

In September last year, we launched our inaugural issue of Getaway International, intending it to be an annual magazine. But the response from our readers was so overwhelmingly positive that we’ve decided to bring out two this year: a winter and a summer edition. The winter edition is on shelves now.

Our cover story features the east of London, with the focus of this year’s Olympic Games  having shifted all attention to that part of town. With so many South Africans travelling to London for the games, and a great many more living there, our own attention will be fixed on the city between 27 July and 12 August.

As with our Soccer World Cup experience in 2010, the London Games have produced plenty of doom mongers. There have been threats of major strike action and fears that the public transport system won’t cope with increased numbers. There are complaints about ticketing, worries about huge cost overruns, predictions of traffic gridlock, even threats of blood shortages and disease.

But, as we know from the South African experience, every host city goes through these phases of uncertainty and worry. We have no doubt that Londoners will come up trumps on the day and put on an unforgettable spectacle. After all, the British are masters of pomp and ceremony and do events like these better than most. So, if you have any thoughts of attending, book your tickets yesterday!

Also in this issue, we touch on other parts of the world, offering some of the best of Turkey; Nepalese adventuring and the bright lights of Hong Kong from the Far East; a spot of touring in southwestern Australia; small-town Morocco, Mauritian volunteering and a Serengeti safari from Africa; a magnificent photography expedition in the Pacific … and, on the back of Steven Spielberg’s Tintin movie, a tour of Brussels in the footsteps of our favourite cartoon character.


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      Hi Ulrich, Getaway International is available at selected Woolworths, Pick n Pay, CNA and Exclusive Books stores in South Africa. It is unfortunately not available in the UK.


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