Two tours meet at Ebenezer in the Karoo

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The fact that we were so comfortable in the warm beds provided by our most generous hosts, Graham and Michele Hobson, made the wake up call for 07:00 extremely difficult. We were to be meeting two fellow travelers, a French couple, who were hiking (not hitching) from Cape Point to Jerusalem.

I got the Pondofever and I ain't happy about it.

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Does everyone hate the city this much when they return from a trip in the outback? I don’t know if we have an “outback” in South Africa. I’ve always wondered about that. Perhaps we just have “the bush” or “the country”. Whatever you want to call it, I just got back from it and I’ve got city fever to the power of a hundred.

Casa da Pesca, Cahora Bassa Dam

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How do I begin to describe what I saw today awesome views from up top the highest hill over looking the Zambezi River, fish eagles crying in the distance, crickets starting clicking their wings by my feet.