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Sometimes, words fall short. Some places are just too grand, too powerful.

Yet even though our language fails us, we try valiantly to describe the feelings of our heart, so that others might get a glimpse.

Victoria Falls is one of those places. The rush of her water. Her all encompassing sound. The sheer power of exploding water droplets, bound together in her furious stream. Her merciless tearing away at the walls of the gorge, clawing yet another switchback for her violent outpouring. The contrasting glow of rainbows, floating in the rising vapor of her breath. Baptized by the Zambezi, her rain embraces you, soaking you to your core, as the sun takes her ascent rising higher through her mist, unfurling the colours of glory in shades of pink, yellow and fiery orange.

Sunrise at Victoria Falls: A Time Lapse Sequence from on Vimeo.


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  • Rosemary Lozier

    How beautiful!!