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This guy. SA Guide Dogs are always at the Getaway Show, and they spend hours being loved by absolutely everyone. It’s the best life.

Guide dog at the Getaway Show

This guy. Photo by Teagan Cunniffe.

However, this guy wasn’t allowed on the bungee trampoline, so we had to get someone else to explore the coolest things at the Gauteng Getaway Show on his behalf.

Our web editor Kati Auld managed to do some backseat driving in a car reversing up a 43 degree incline at the Toyota Zone, stole sherry from the Sedgwick’s Old Brown stand, and tested some science-fiction gear.

There was also a light-saber battle (using hiking poles) against Teagan Cunniffe, but that’s irresponsible, kids. Don’t do that.


Watch Kati’s guide to the Getaway Show

Want to join the fun? We’ll be bringing all the awesomeness of the Getaway Show to Cape Town over the 13 – 15th March.


Sneaky hobbitses.

Sneaky hobbitses.


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