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AT1 has been at it again in ALERT’s Ngamo lion release site at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe. There is no stopping this little huntress and her apparent infinite energy.  On 4 May we spotted some of the pride resting in the east of the Serengeti, close to waterhole 2. In the distance impala were heard alarm calling and darting in and around the scrub. A lone wildebeest was also seen looking somewhat anxious. A visual of all the pride except Kenge and AT1 was obtained, all staring intently at the potential prey. Kenge was soon spotted skulking between acacia bushes and closing in on the wildebeest, but before Kenge could launch the lone rider wildebeest bolted into the tall grass behind the water hole and out of her reach. AT1 soon emerged from the area also, no doubt adding her developing expertise to the hunt!

The next day, after a rather vocal day for the pride AT1 shocked our research team by bellowing what appeared to be a very solid roaring attempt! A series of long ‘chuffs’ rose from AT1’s underbelly as her shoulders and neck tensed. The vocalization was over in a matter of moments but AT1 appeared rather ‘chuffed’ with her effort, as were the research team!

The day after that the pride were located again close to waterhole two; their new favourite hangout during these drier weeks. As always it was the younger pride members who roused the group, but only briefly. Not satisfied with the lack of playful enthusiasm from the adults, AS5 decided to wake up a sleepy frog by the waterhole instead. The little male tossed and batted the defenseless amphibian back and forth before finally going in for a closer look … and a lick. After a few seconds it appeared curiosity had gotten one over on the cat. AS5 stuck his tongue out in disgust and began to gag, shaking his head furiously in disgust.

The taste just wouldn’t budge though! He began to spit and lick anything remotely better tasting in the area. Finally frothing at the mouth and looking extremely sorry for himself, the little prince looked for some sympathy from mum in hopes she could ease his upset tummy.

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