Gift guide: our best gear for 2015

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the hiker, camper or gadget enthusiast in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our pick of the best gear we’ve reviewed in 2015 – whether you’re looking for the perfect coffee gadget, a rugged 4×4 solar panel, or just some gift inspiration for adventure-seekers, you’ll find it below.

Please note: although all details were correct at time of publishing, prices and availability are subject to change at each distributor’s discretion.


For camping

1. Tents made for adventure

10 of the Best Tents for Adventure
Whether it’s a sturdy four-man tent that will last for years or a lightweight hiking tent, a great adventure tent should be the first thing in your camping arsenal.

Ten great adventure tents


2. Our top camping chairs

Getaway Magazine - Best Camping Chairs-1
Our top bum-holders of 2015 – from cheap-and-cheerful to the kind of padded throne that will make everyone around the campfire jealous.

Best camping chairs


3. Best coffee gadgets

Great coffee is still a priority in the wilderness: no matter your specifications, the perfect gadget for a coffee addict is in this blog.

Coffee gadgets for camping


4. Best portable braais

Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Grill.
A portable braai is perfect for short breaks or roadtrips – here are the ones we’d recommend.

Five great portable braais


5. Compact coolers

Compact Coolers Getaway Magazine-4
You don’t need a 4×4 to own a travel fridge. We tested seven coolers small enough to fit on the back seat of a VW Polo, to see which ones could take the heat.

Seven of the best compact coolers


6. Zany tents we’d love to camp in

Getaway Magazine - Zany Tents
These are the tents that we dream about – from tree tents to the gorgeous watermelon one above, they’re gorgeous enough to justify being a bit impractical.

Zany tents to dream about


For hiking

6. Ten of the best daypacks

Deuter Trans Alpine 26-litre daypack
We tested 10 of the best daypacks for your next sightseeing trip or mountain meander.

Our favourite daypacks


7. The best flask you’ll ever buy


If you’re serious about keeping your coffee warm for hours, there really is nothing that compares with the Stanley flask. Read the results of our test if you need more convincing.

The best travel flask


8. Best binoculars

From top-of-the-range wishlist items to affordable ones to keep the kids happy, there’s a nice range of binoculars here.

Four great binoculars reviewed


9. Travel mugs and flasks

Best Travel mugs
These are the ultimate multi-taskers: great for taking on a hike, but also useful for transporting coffee in traffic.

Best travel mugs and flasks


For 4×4 trips

10. Rugged solar panels

Solar Panels - Getaway Magazine

These rugged solar panels for your 4×4 are the perfect thing for the wildest of wild camping.

Solar panels for your 4×4


11. The best rooftop tents

Rooftop Tents - Getaway Magazine
Don’t even think about splashing out on a rooftop tent until you’ve read this review, where we tested ten of the best.

Great rooftop tents


12. Two-way radios

Two-way radio review
Want to know why your friends stopped behind you in a national park? Or maybe your kids have charged ahead on a Drakensberg hiking trail? We tested five of the most popular brands of two-way radios.

Two-way radios tested


13. Space savers

Car Organisers

Reclaim calm and order from messy road trips with these nifty car organisers and collapsible gizmos.

Car organisers



14. Smartphone gadgets

Photo Gadgets - Getawa Magazine Melanie van Zyl-2
Want to take your iPhoneography to the next level? These nifty gadgets are universal and supercool for expanding the range of shots you can get with your smartphone.

Great smartphone photo gadgets


15. Adventure watches

Watches - Getaway Magazine-6
Up in arms about wearable tech? We sussed out five of the most durable watches that’ll tell more than the time on your next adventure.

Five great adventure watches


16. Solar chargers

Compact solar chargers
Let there be light! Loadshedding won’t get in your way with these lovely, compact solar chargers.

Six compact solar chargers


17. Cool new travel lights and gadgets

Solar Buddy-1
From a solar lantern to a ‘smart’ telescope: check out some of the nifty travel lights we’ve discovered.

Cool travel lights


18. Peak Design camera clips

Peak Design camera clip
This little clip has saved Getaway journalists’ cameras (and necks) on more than one occasion. Here’s why it’s a lifesaver for anyone who spends time on the trail with a camera.

Peak Design camera clip review


19. Wine travel gadgets

Wine Travel Gadgets - Getaway Gear
Best for last! Whether you’re sick of wrestling with the awful wine opener at your self-catering spot, or need a quick fix for cooling white wine, we’ve got you sorted.

Great wine gadgets

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