A Day in the World: publish a photo of your average day

Posted by Adel Groenewald on 7 May 2012

Have you ever considered that those normal activities and things you encounter every day might be really interesting to someone else, somewhere else in the world? If you have, then A Day in the World is the platform you’ve been looking for. And if you haven’t, well now is the perfect opportunity to share a bit of your daily life with the rest of the world and see how it compares to a completely different life, somewhere in a different place. You might even be amazed at how much we’re all alike.

The day to do it? 15 May 2012.

A Day invites all of us to photograph something out of our daily lives that is close to us on this particular day. These photos will then be shared across the globe to create one incredible international picture of a single day in the world. Whether you’re a professional photographer, with a room full of gear and equipment, or whether you’re armed with a smartphone in the pocket, you can be part of this creative global initiative.

After choosing your favourite thing for the day, upload the picture onto the website and see what thousands of other people across the globe were doing on that exact same day. To make the comparing process easier for you, A Day in the World created three main categories, namely Home, Work and Connections and a series of subcategories and keywords with which you can tag your photo.  Check out the ‘What to Shoot’ page to learn more and to help you decide what to photograph.

All the pictures are promised to appear on the website and saved for future generations to see what all of us were up to on 15 May 2012. A pretty nifty idea, I’d say.

If you do happen to be an aspiring photographer or photo guru, you can also see this as a competition. The best photos of the day will be published in a beautiful book, A Day in the World, in October 2012 and others will appear in printed and digital exhibitions. Either way, your photo will contribute to an amazing and innovative, worldwide project.

So make sure you have some sort of a camera on you on 15 May and take a snap of anything that is special to you on that specific, average day.

Visit A Day’s website for more information and ideas.

You can also follow them on Twitter, go to the Facebook page to sign up or check out the Facebook event.

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