9 reasons I’m excited for the 2015 Cape Getaway Show

Posted by Kati Auld on 5 March 2015

On 13 to 15 March 2015, I’ll be making merry with the other smart people at the Cape Getaway Show. Any traveller worth their lightweight foldable salt-shaker knows that the Getaway Show is like Disneyland for gear-heads and travel enthusiasts. If you’re not entirely convinced, don’t worry: I’m about to spell it out for you.

Food court at Getaway Show

1. The setting

Cape Getaway Show
The big difference between the Gauteng and Cape Getaway Shows is the same as the difference between the Cape and Gauteng – the venue is just that much prettier. The Coca-Cola Dome is highly efficient, but it ain’t winning any beauty competitions. It’s the kind of place where people go with a plan. Lourensford Estate, on the other hand, is more suited to the kind of people who are always fifteen minutes late because they’ve been eating ice cream on the lawn.

Despite the lack of lawn and mountains, we had a great time at the Gauteng Getaway Show. You can watch my guide below, including a bit of light thievery:


2. The discounts! The deals! The specials!

All of the top exhibitors – from gear to olives, from travel packages to wine – are at the Getaway Show, so they’ve got to bring out the big guns in order to compete. This means you can wander through the stalls like a vulture at a kids’ braai, snapping up deals that just don’t exist outside of the Show. Special offers include:

  • Up to R100 off selected MapStudio products
  • 10% discount on mid-week bookings from Kaleo Guest Farm
  • 50% off a 12-month subscription to Popular Mechanics (and be entered into the lucky draw to win a Ninebot personal transporter from EcoRider)
  • 10% off on all Segway Tours
  • Camp And Climb specials on camping mattresses, sleeping bags, rechargeable lanterns and solar lights
  • Discounted rates on the Oystercatcher Trail
  • Plus 40% off a 12-month subscription to our very own mag, plus a free gift of either a Consol Solar Jar or a Getaway picnic blanket

…and there’ll be many more on the day so come along for loads of great deals.


3. The competitions

Melia Zanzibar - Jetty Entrance
I’m not actually allowed to enter these competitions, what with being an employee and all (grumble, grumble). Still, the competitions are ridiculous. This year the big prize is an all-inclusive trip to Zanzibar, worth R100 000. But that’s only the big fish – there are all kinds of travel competitions that are closer to home, from a weekend in Paternoster or the Winelands to gear giveaways. If you entered every competition at the Getaway Show and didn’t win something, you’d be a very unlucky person. (That’s not even counting the Spin and Win arena).

Check it out: all of the awesome competitions at the Cape Getaway Show


4. The Getaway stand

Phone dead after too much Instagramming? Never fear, the Getaway Stand is here! If all the specials and awesome gear gets a bit too much, the Getaway stand is where I go to relax. It’s a comfy spot, with a seating area, and this year there will be free henna tattoos, candyfloss, and a phone-charging station. Take a pause before heading out again. It’s also your best shot of bumping into our superstar staff members, like editor Sonya Schoeman and deputy Tyson Jopson. (If you’re from PE and took chagrin at his blog about 9 everyday things a sailor will kick your ass at, here’s your chance to defend yourself.)


5. The workshops

This year our photo workshops are taking on a slightly different twist – you don’t even need an SLR to get involved. We’ll be doing a walk with thephotowalkers.com where you can learn about the basics of composition with your cellphone! There’s even a treasure hunt involved. It’s only R250, and limited spots are available: so get booking! You can read more about the workshop and treasure hunt here.


6. The food trucks

Meisies Kitchen at the Getaway Show

From Mexican grilled cheese sandwiches to waffles, from Chinese stir-fry to ostrich burgers, the food truck area at the Getaway Show is something to behold. The hipster in me is partial to the food truck idea, but there’s also an entire food court. Come hungry.


7. The kids having a ball

Kids having a ball at the Getaway Show
I don’t have kids, and usually avoid ones that I don’t know the same way you avoid a creepy uncle. However, there’s something about the way kids have a ball at the Show that’s heartwarming, even for a crone like me. From those weird waterballs to bungee-swings, from cycle races to shoving big ice-creams in their little faces, I’ve never seen an unhappy kid at the Getaway Show. But that might be because I only watch them with a warm grin for about seven minutes before moving on to the next point on this list.


8. The adults having a ball

Darling beer at the Getaway Show
Ice-cold Darling beer, on tap. An entire wine tent, with tastings and great specials on the tastiest wines in the Western Cape. Drinking in the sun is a constitutional responsibility, and by God and country, we take it seriously in the Winelands.


9. The SA Guide Dogs

It might be unfair to single out one stall amongst the millions of worthy contenders, but please allow me to plead my case.

Exhibit A:
SA guide dogs at the Getaway Show

Exhibit B:
SA Guide Dog begging at the Getaway Show

Exhibit C:

Ten points for Gryffindor.

Ten points for Gryffindor.

I rest my case. And this is coming from a cat person.

If you’re joining us this year, here’s a hint: buy your tickets online, and you get a discount! Have a look around the Cape Getaway Show website, join the event on Facebook, and get ready to have an awesome time.

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