Avo-restaurants to guac your world


The trend of pairing the buttery and nutty flavour of avocado with just about everything has reached a new level, with avo themed restaurants popping up around the globe. It is safe to say the avo obsession is here to stay. The flavour and fatty nutrients have become a must add to dishes, inspiring some unique pairings and innovative meals. These list of restaurants are all you avo wanted.

1. The Avocado Show, Amsterdam

The Avocado Show is Amsterdam uses sustainable and socially responsible sourced avo, ensuring you don’t feel pit-iful when feasting on their dishes. Talented chef, Jaimie van Heije is the master behind it all, crafting avocado chips, pancakes flavoured with blueberries. They also offer edible poke bowls.

Travel tip – Arrive early to grab a table as seating is limited and reservations do not apply.
Country: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Website: www.theavocadoshow.com

2. Avobar, London
Guac and roll to the first avocado based, Avobar in London. If the green mosaic wall tile and colour scheme doesn’t give away the obvious, then the menu sure will. If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat the avocado cheesecake made with white vegan chocolate and lime is the one to try at the end of your meal. Avobar is known for their bun-less vegan avo burger (see the picture below) need we say more?

Travel tip – Reserve a table if you are a table of eight or more.
Country: England, London
Website: www.avobar.co.uk

3. Avocaderia, Brooklyn, New York
Dedicated to avo-lovers all around the world, the Avocaderia uses the highest quality avocados from Mexico for their creations. Fun fact, avocados are originally from Mexico, making it the motherland. Avocaderia promotes healthy dishes and avocado is their number one priority they offer quinoa salads and guac smoothies.

Travel tip – Opt for the signature guac and baked pita chips for a quick snack.
Country: United States of America, New York
Website: www.avocaderia.com

4. Good Fat, Sydney
When you have hit guac bottom, the only place left to head to is Good Fat for their sweet avocornetto and avo-brownines for a sweet pick me up. Located in Australia, the menu flavours will have you cheering “bravocado!” Avocado skins are used as bowls, and the one to try is the Avo Bowla-Rama.

Travel tip – Be sure to capture a selfie with avocado inspired wallpaper.
Country: Australia, Sydney
Website: www.instagram.com/goodfatsydney/


Pictures: Facebook/ The Avocado Show

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