Piekenierskloof winemaker wins award in London Wine Competition

Posted by Taylah Strauss on 8 June 2022

Piekenierskloof Wines has been bagging award after award and most recently won the 2022 London Wine Competition prize for a wine crafted from vines planted 60 years ago. The winning Bergendal Chenin Blanc 2020 was made by ambitious winemaker Hendrien Vercueil.

Piekeniers Kloof Wines was founded in 1959, with its first vines planted merely three years later in 1962. Hendrien has been Piekeniers’ winemaker for the past two years, according to Good Things Guy. Winning this award is testament to her hard work and dedication.

She competed against 1 300 other wines from over 36 countries; weighted and assessed on packaging, value and quality, each out of a score of 100.

Quality was assessed based on if the wine meets its target audience and a chemical analysis on its appearance, body, taste, aftertaste and aroma.

Value was assessed in terms of price and quality; the greater the quality for the price the better.

Packaging was assessed based on how the judges think consumers will perceive the product. Other factors are also considered, such as information and label design, closure and overall appearance.

The judging process includes the following:

  • A blind taste to determine drinkability and quality
  • An assessment of variety, style, country and region, where applicable.
  • Judges are given a bottle for them to assess its packaging, quality and value.
  • Each judge give an independent score and a weighted average is given at the end.
  • All Gold winning wines are re-tasted before final ruling.

Piekenierskloof’s Bergendal Chenin Blanc 2020 placed Gold overall, with 90 points.

The wine also earned an award in the Best Wine by Country category.

Picture: Piekenierskloof Wines


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